Create an event

hubStroud is all about reflecting the broadest possible range of what is happenining in and around Stroud. Over 150 accounts are listing their events with us.

Our calendar is made up of listings sent to us via twitter. When tweets are sent in a specific format (see below) our system will automatically load them into our calendar, and we'll help publicise them through the @hubStroud twitter account.

Many organisations and venues are posting information about their events on twitter already - if your organisation or venue doesn't use twitter, we think it would be beneficial if you did. We can help you set up a twitter account and give you an introduction to using twitter (contact information is here, and you can find a brief introduction here).

Here's an example of how to list your event on the hubStroud calendar via twitter. This might look a little complicated at first, but is simple to explain - just follow the instructions below and use our button which provides with with a draft structure. Once you've listed a few events, you'll understand the system!

1. Make sure you start the tweet with @hubstroud - so we receive it.

2. After a space, follow this with the hashtag "#HSEN". This tells our automated system it is a new event listing (HSEN stands for Hub Stroud Event New). Make sure insert a space after the hashtag as well as before it


3. Insert the 'timestamp' for when the event starts and ends - the day, month, hour, and minute are all represented by two digits, and the start and end are separated by a comma (but no space), ie: DDMMYYHHMM,ddmmyyhhmm. If your event runs at the same time on consecutive days, you only need one listing with the start time on the first day, and end time on the last day. If your event repeats once a week or month, just send us a listing for the first session - then a separate tweet telling us that you'd like the listing set to repeat, how often, and till when.


4. You must include a link to further information about the event on the web. Usually this will be a link to your website - ideally directly to a page devoted to the specific event. You could also link to a facebook event or to a tweet that contains a picture of a poster/flyer (like this). Again, make sure you include a space before and after the link.

5. In the remainder of the tweet write a short description of the event. Make sure you include the venue or host organisation, and make the description as informative and enticing as you can, as it is the only information people will see on the calendar. Because tweets are limited to 140 characters, you'll have around 78 to play with after the above. That's fine, because you just need to say what and where the event is, and people can follow the link to find out further information. Please avoid using twitter mentions or hashtags in the description - as these will not form hyperlinks on our calendar as they do in twitter - and may not make sense to users of the calendar who are unfamiliar with twitter lingo

Click the button below to send us an event listing via twitter - a sample text will appear to remind you of the format required - make sure you replace this (Please note - to prevent spam, your first listing won't appear until we have checked you are a genuine account and registered you to post):

Finally: PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOUR EVENT IS CANCELLED. Just send us a tweet, making sure you include the date of the event, and we'll remove it.